Time Management

So what is time management exactly?

Time management is a skill that can be developed to effectively use the minutes, hours and days available to you in order to best accomplish your goals in the most effective way.

Time management is not only making sure that you have enough time to do the things that you want and need to do, it is also about being intentional about how you spend time in order to get things accomplished

How can time management help me in college?

Time is needed to be successful in your college program.  In fact, it may be surprising to some how much work is actually required outside of the classroom.  Weekly reading assignments, papers, projects, and studying all take place after you've left the classroom.  A full time student will be responsible for learning the content of AT LEAST four courses.  This takes? You guessed it...TIME!

Being overwhelmed with work and not performing your best leads to...



Stress can cause:

  • Lack of productivity and motivation

  • Problems remembering information

  • Irritability

  • Mental and physical exhaustion

  • Weight gain...And more

Learning how to manage your time effectively can help you:

  • Avoid and relieve stress

  • Be more productive

  • Accomplish more

  • Plan Better

  • Increase your free time                

And, once learned can be applied throughout your life!

How many hours should I be studying?

Higher Education research suggests that students study at least 2 hours per week, per credit hour, not per class. 

For example a full time student with 12 credit hours should have a minimum of 24 hours of study time per week. 

What is "study time"? 

Study time can include anything that helps you to learn the information outlined by the course and the professor.  This can include; reading your textbook or other supplemental material, working on assignments, writing and reviewing notes, watching relevant videos or workshops, and participating in study groups or lab practice. 

Use this number to check yourself.  If you are not seeing the results on your assessments (tests, papers, assignments) start here!  are you spending enough time studying the material.

 __ x 2 =

    Credit Hours

Taking Control of Your Schedule

Semester schedules can get packed while you're going through your academic program.  Class time, studying, projects, campus events, etc. all add to your college experience and expertise in your field, but it takes time to fit it all in.  Add in the schedules of a working student and/or a student who is a parent and time is an even more valuable commodity. 

Managing your time by taking control of your schedule will help you to increase your success while reducing the stress associated with a busy schedule.

                 Here are some helpful activities and tools that you can use to get your schedule under control:

View a snapshot of your entire week by completing this time management log.  Knowing how much time you have and identifying practical and consistent study time can help you stay in control


  •  Use colored markers to separate class time, work hours, and other activities, the white space left will be time available to study and prepare for class

  •  Be specific with the time that you have left.  The more specific the better (ex. read chapter for Tuesday's class every Sunday afternoon) this way you always know what you need to do each day and when you are done you will feel more accomplished and more prepared for class

  • Make sure to add "Flexible study" hours.  This way if you are occasionally  unable to follow the schedule you laid out for any reason you have buffer times set up already.  (ex. "I couldn't read my chapter this Sunday like usual because I had to work so I'll use my Monday flexible time to get it read before class")

This handy calendar can be a quick reference for important semester dates, assignment due dates, and scheduled exams.  Looking ahead at important dates will help you plan for busy weeks ahead, and for days when multiple exams and/or assignments might be due.

Click through this virtual workshop to learn more about how to better manage your time

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